Using WebMap Applications with Redis

After a successful migration you might be eager to test your application into different deployment alternatives.

Let's say you want to change from an InProc Session Provider to Redis.

Well it is not that hard.

In general is just a matter of:

1. Installing the Redis Session State Provider:

Install-Package Microsoft.Web.RedisSessionStateProviderEx

The code for the state provide is at:

2. Download the Redis Server with the proper configuration

Download the redis x64 server from:

3. Change your web.config settings.

Make sure to enable the custom session provider

4. Disable Key Sensitive Keys (Redis is not case sensitive)

Add this this configuration setting on the appsettings to your web.config file

5. Run Redis Server

(The exe downloaded from step 2)

6. Start the application

And now redis is your custom session provider :)

You can use any tool like the RedisDesktopManager to see you session contents.
The code for this tool is at:


NOTE: Thanks Kenneth S for your help on setting this up