Redistribute WebApplication as a standalone app

You might have created a great WebApplication. And you host it on the cloud.
Now you think that all you have to do is relax letting your new customers enjoy it.

But suddenly you find people telling you:

Your application is great. But is there a way yo use it without access to the Internet?

This scenario is very common. A lot of the times you end up writing a new Desktop version.

You might share a lot of code but still you will be maintaining two apps.

The main redistribution problem, is that you need a web server and not all machines have one.

But maybe, what if you can redistribute IISExpress? what if you can create a Runner program that will start the IISExpress, and what if you can pack your WebSite, the IISExpress and the Runner program together? Can this provide a way to solve this problem?

Well I still don't know, but I have just created an small sample and I'm sharing this code in github