Getting Stats from SVN

SVN is a great tool, but is not very used nowadays.

However if you are using it. There is a super simple utility Statsvn you can use to get nice graphs and stats from your commits.

These are the steps.

Pre-Requisites: it is assumed that svn command line tools are installed and configured on the PATH and also that Java is installed on the machine you are running this.

  1. Create a new directory, something like C:\SVNStats
  2. Execute svn checkout svnrepositorypath
  3. Copy statssvn.jar into the directory C:\SVNStats directory
  4. Change dir to the directory where you did the checkout and Execute svn log --xml --non-interactive -v > StatSvnLog.xml
  5. Return to C:\SVNStats
  6. Execute java -jar statsvn.jar *checkoutdir*\StatSvnLog.xml *checkoutdir* -output-dir StatSvnOutput -disable-twitter-button

If you want to set this thing up in your continuous integration build. See this great Troy Hunt post