Debugging when you have no source code!

Recently during one WebMap project, I had an issue with the Newtonsoft.Json library. I was getting an exception, and I could not locate the object that was causing the problem because it was a complex object.

I tried to use some symbols servers but they did not work.

And here is where I would like to recommend the dotPeek tool. It was super easy to do this with dotPeek.

First you open the assembly in the dotPeek Assembly explorer:

Opening JSON.NET with dotPeek

Then you can go to Windows / Project Pdb Generation Log

Project pdb Geneartion Log window

That will open a pane on the left. You can right click the pdb name for the assembly and then

Browsing to file location

Finally take that file name and use from the load symbols option in VS and voila! you will be able to see the exact location of your error!